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Shimano XTR M9100 - Back to where it all started.

The Shimano XTR M9100 group was developed to meet the demands of mountainbike racers at the highest level and guarantees "second to none" performance. The range offers the most versatile components for XC, Enduro and Marathon races.

It all started with the search for the ultimate MTB racing components and now the XTR continues 27 years of innovation with even more speed, focus and control. It is jam-packed with the technological advantages needed to push the boundaries of today's insanely demanding courses. It is lighter, smoother, more durable and versatile to transfer all pedal-pounding watts into ground speed with extreme efficiency.

Shimano XTR CS-M9100-12 cassette

It feels like magic. With the XTR CS-M9100 Shimano has increased the transmission ratio, made the cassette even stronger and 30 % stiffer - and all this at an even lower weight. The secret is an intelligent use of titanium, aluminium and steel. This mixture obtains the best balance of weight and durability.

The starting point for a new development in drivetrain was the goal of implementing as few shifting steps as possible so that cadence jumps during shifting remain low, rhythm and propulsion are maintained and, ultimately, speed is kept high. This resulted in the large pinion with 51 teeth, which maintains the uniform difference of 6 teeth per gear, especially in the small gears. In addition, the XTR 9100 also comes with a 10-45 teeth cassette, which allows even finer or narrower gradation between the gears on faster or less steep racing courses.

This makes the 10-45 teeth cassette ideal for XC racers, where narrow gradations are crucial and every gram counts, while the 10-51 teeth cassette is the ideal choice for trail riders who can also tackle steep ramps.


The conventional Hyperglide technology ensures smooth shifting upwards thanks to small shifting ramps, which guide the chain towards the next larger sprocket. Also Hyperglide+ uses this functionality but applies it in the opposite direction, too, preventing the chain from falling down when shifting downwards. The result is a smooth and consistent shifting in both directions, free of vibrations and without disrupting the cadence.