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This is what we can do with short travel and switch infinity.   

It transcends the weight-weenie, uphill only models and replaces it with a precision riding bike.

If some people assume it's a downhiller's xc bike, whatever… for us, it's simply the bike we always wanted to build.

The SB100.

T-Series Frames -

TURQ Series frames are 250 grams lighter, but still Richie “f-ing” rude durable.

TURQ Series bikes are made with the highest quality carbon fiber available and offer the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance. The result is a bike that feels smooth, solid and aggressive. Every bike is tested by the best racers in the world, including EWS World Champion Richie Rude, our in-house testing team and ambassadors around the world.

C-Series Frames -

by making small changes in the carbon fiber layup of our TURQ Series bikes, we are able to create a more aggressively priced carbon high-performance mountain bike.   C-Series frames maintain the strength and stiffness or TURQ Series.   The carbon fiber weighs a bit more, about 250g per frame. Every bike model is offered in at least one C-Series option with high-end components.