Think Rider X7 smart trainer

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Connectivity: ThinkRider X7 Bluetooth 4.0, ANT+ 

Flywheel Weight: The flywheel weight of the X7 sits at 12.5lbs, 5.7kg.

Max Power Output: ThinkRider X7 2500W 

Unboxed Weight: The base weight of the X7 is 48.5lbs, 22kg.

Simulated Grade: 20%

Warranty : 2 years


Thinkrider X7 MTB Bike Road Bicycle Smart Bike Trainer For Carbon Fiber Frame Design Built-in Power Meter Bike Trainers Platform

Notice before buying:The Cassette is for demonstration purposes only, not including the product, you need to purchase it separately.


Restore the real sense of riding, Avoid the carbon fiber frame damage!

Elastic steel main body + adjustable legs

Elastic deformation + torsional deformation design

The allowance for frame’s angular distortion is around±5°


Y shape design,Absolute stable when dancing on the bike.


The width of steel legs are 85cm.


It has been fully upgraded.

The new generation X7 model retains classic sedate shape and the unique design of frame protecting,comprehensively upgrades the performance and software,which greatly improves the reliability and parcticality.


• new built-in speed sensor, maintenance-free.

• add wireless signal connection indicator light.

• add real-time temperature control chip and upgraded algorithm

• add software calibration spindown functions

• support bluetooth and ant+ dual mode simultaneous connection

• optimize ERG mode

• increase maxpower to 2500 watts


Technical parameters

Structure:  Floating stable structure Weight: 22kg
Expand Size: 86*56*46cm Package dimensions: 27*42*46cm
Inertial wheel: 5.7KG,Dynamic balanced Drive mode: Direct drive
Simulated slope: 0-20% Output Power: 0-2500W
Wireless signal: bluetooth4.0 and ANT+ Deviation: ±2%
Power source: 100-240V~1.5A,50-60Hz  



Bicycle applicable

Rear axle opening: 130mm,135mm,142mm,148mm
Rear axle type: quick release/barrel axis 
flywheel compatibility:Shimano or Sram 10/11s flywheel
Wheel size: 20”-29″MTB/700c RD  
Software adaptation: PowerFun, Zwift, PerfPro,etc.


Software adaptation

Support Multiple mainstream riding software such as PowerFun,Onelap,Zwift,TrainerRoad,PerfPRO, BKOOL,etc.




Notice before buying:The Cassette is for demonstration purposes only, not including the product, you need to purchase it separately.

The package contain: 

1. Smart bike trainer*1 

2. power adapter*1 

3. quick release*1 

4. ANT+ adapter*1 

5. 8-9-10 speed washer *1 

6. quick release/barrel axis conversion components*4 

7. manual *1

Remove the bike trainer and accessories from the box and be sure to keep the box and foam for future transportation and storage.When you encounter an after-sales problem, be sure to use the original packaging for mailing (The manufacturer will not bear any loss caused by the use of non-original packaging) If the package and foam are lost, please contact the after-sales customer service to purchase.



1.Place the trainer on a level surface,ensure that there are no obstacles or dange- rous objects around.

2. Unfold the movable feet and adjust the height of the outer side of the feet to ensure that the trainer is stable.

3. Connect the trainer to a standard 110v-220v power outlet with the original power adapter.

4. The trainer is compatible with the SHIMANO and SRAM standard cassettes; the 11-speed cassettes can be directly installed, for 8-9-10 speed cassettes,you need to install the cassettes washer in the accessory package before installing the cassettes.

5. Campagnolo cassettes users, please contact customer service to purchase   Dedicated parts.


Bicycle Installation

1. Change the front and rear Derailleurs to the minimum position.

2. Release the rear wheel’s quick release and remove the rear wheel from the frame.

3. Install the frame to the bike trainer just like installing the rear wheel to the frame.

4. Lock the quick release lever.

5. Before using,please ensure that the quick release lever is locked.

6. Pay attention! If the quick release lever is not tightened properly, it may result in personal injury and property damage. If you don't und-erstand the correct installation methods,please consult your dealer or local bicycle shop. Please do not adjust the quick release while riding on the trainer!


Raceration calibration

The drive belt of the bike trainer may be loose when it is used for a long time.It will result in belt slippage or power deviation. Manual tensioning is required at this time.

1. Please download the"Zhiqi Rotary Tool"APP (Apple store only) to test the belt tightness.


Third-party software

Recommend you the professional power training software:PowerFun Download The trainer is compatible with most of the standard ANT+ protocol softwares currently available on the market, such as PowerFun, Onelap, Zwift,TrainerRoad, PerfPRO, BKOOL,and so on. The trainer is compatible with the standard ANT+ protocol bike computers, such as: Garmin 520 and so on.


Pilot lamp

Bike trainer status Pilot lamp status
standby mode The red light is on and the blue light is blinking.
ANT+ mode The red light is on and the blue light is blinking.
Bluetooth mode The red and blue lights are on and not blinking.
Equipment failure Lights do not shine.

 *Please look into the detailed manual or contact customer service if the equipment is abnormal.