Box One 11spd Wide Drivetrain

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"Be Different" with the Box One 11 Speed Drivetrain. Get the durability, reliability, and optimum range needed to conquer any trail. Focus on the ride, not the clicks.

Box One 11 Speed Shifter
The Box One™ Twin Lever Shifter provides smooth and accurate transitions from gear to gear, utilizes a lightweight machined clamp and a premium cast aluminum lever. With up to five shifts per throw towards low gears, and fast release towards high gears, feel confident moving up and down the cassette quickly.

Box One 11 Speed Rear Derailleur
The Box One™ 11 Speed Rear Derailleur offers 3 key features: Adjustable Tri-Pack Limited Slip Clutch™, Durable 3D Forged Linkages and Pivot-Tech™. The Adjustable Tri-Pack Limited Slip Clutch™ is an innovative chain damper that vastly reduces derailleur cage bounce and chain slap. Clutch force can be adjusted to give the user the ability to tune their setup to the desired balance of shifter feel and chain retention. The Durable 3D Forged Linkages provides the highest level of durability, is Red Bull® Rampage tested and has proven itself capable of performing in the harshest of conditions. Pivot-Tech™ offers impact and snag resistance with a spring-loaded cable stay to keep the cable and housing clear of sticks, brush and debris along the trail.

Box Two Cassette
The Box Two Cassette is designed with ramped teeth with a gradual, linear progression to help provide smoother transitions from gear to gear, while a massive 46 cog extends range to a respectable 418 percent (or 454 percent for the 50 tooth).

Box One Chain
The Box One Chain is a hollow-pinned, nickel finished chain made of heat-treated alloy steel for strength and durability. Weighing slightly under 245 grams, this lightweight chain is all you need to continue pedaling on.


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  • (1) Box One 11spd Chain